Monday, 25 April 2011

Peer assessment

As a group we strongly thought Dilan’s pitch was very misleading; we inferred that this could be the cause of lack of communication throughout the group. As Dilan seemed to be correcting and over talking members of his group (Leo and Nikhil) while they were explain other aspects of their campaign. They campaign seemed to be about Unicef working with Japan on helping many people whose lives had shattered before them during the recent natural disasters that had touted many people physically and mentally . Their brochure personally did not look definite as the front cover had only sentence which was not at all eye catching we felt that they could improve dramatically in this to make people want to donate. Inside there brochure they did not have much information on how the money people genuinely donate will be used. Out of all honesty we as a group felt the storyboard was the most misleading part of the whole pitch. The storyboard was based on a story of girl who was Japan and Nikhil mentioned how she was getting abused by her father which confused a lot of people as the whole campaign was on Japan not child abuse. Alongside the negative is the positive and we felt that all contributed which was really good and most of them were confident. They also had a very good story in there brochure and will persuade a lot of people to donate. Overall we felt that with a few corrections on their pitch and more time spent on their brochure their overall work would be quite a high standard and would persuade a lot of people to donate.